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Love the way they are

One of the top-noticed features of a human being is hair. Hair defines you on so many levels, It helps you leave a mark of presence in someone’s mind. Hair plays a very integral role in self-image. Earlier in time, people used to use wigs as a sign of status. Many cultures were known to have a class of wigs, each one for a different status/class. Even our courtrooms’ judges are assigned a certain wig to show off the wisdom that stature has. Your hair and hairdo used to matter a lot in the pastime. But with the coming age, who likes to wear wigs, right? And what’s social status? Today, in the times when we all are trying to be equals, be one. We don’t need wigs, it was great in the past, but not today. Today we say wear your hair and wear it your way. Be you Beautiful you, the world will adjust.
Our first impression is that the hair frames the face. We’re completely obsessed with it. We treat it with so many products, we treat it in so many ways by using different shampoos, conditioners, haircuts, colors, treatments, extensions, facial hair trimmers, shaving, baldness medications, hair wigs, and transplants… It takes a toll on you. This method of experimenting is exhausting.
Acceptance, To accept the natural aspect of it is the most difficult thing in our lives, to accept it as nature intended. But with the right awareness, many people are joining the acceptance team, many people are praising their curls, not coloring their gray hair, and reducing the use of heating tools. What is their secret, you ask? They have accepted how nature intended it to be with self-acceptance.

Everyone doesn’t look alike, so stop comparing Behavioral psychology says our brains have evolved with one objective, “Keeping oneself safe” and that meant being with everyone else, and trying to always fit in. In order to fit in, we start comparing ourselves with others and acting accordingly.

With the world moving ahead technologically, Now, we have more means and platforms for comparing ourselves with others, and it isn’t going to get any easier. We live in a world that is always thriving ahead, reinventing things, and it isn’t bad, but the toll it takes crushes your accepting spirit. It doesn’t matter who you are, this innate ability to have what someone has is going to get you at some point in your life. And this will take away the joy of appreciating what you have. So keep that in mind, “Value what you have”.
When you embrace yourself, you no longer compare yourself to others. You start wanting things and traits someone else has. By contrast, comparing just makes you feel horrible about yourself.

This does not mean you compare yourself with someone who is ill fortunate. That will simply boost your ego. To a certain extent, in a healthy way, it may serve you as appreciating what you truly have, but without boundaries and limitations, It will blow you up with an abundance of ego.

If you’re looking for inspiration, try looking out for people with your hair texture or
very close to it. Stop worrying about those who have something you will never have.
Bonus: When you embrace yourself and your differences more fully, it will be easier for others in your life to accept you.

Take good care of your hair

Your hair may appear to be in good condition, but is it? All this time, you have been spending time despising your hair. You’ve probably been ignoring it. Imagine what good care of your own hair might have brought you. It’s all about perspective, with the right efforts, you can have the best hair nature has intended
for you to be with. Starting by valuing what you have and treating it better

Fly high with your true colors
You may color your hair every four months at the first appearance of gray. After that, every two months. Then once a month. This not only damages your hair but takes away your chance for rediscovering yourself. Think of it this way, would you want to return to your original colors, or do you want to explore what you end up with?
Imperfections are beautiful Nobody is perfect, In the pursuit of acceptance. We may wish to take pride in our flaws and embrace all aspects of ourselves, not just the positive ones. We create a more positive perspective of ourselves when we cease judging ourselves. When you’re no longer fighting against who and what you are, it’ll be a lot simpler to make the adjustments you want to make since you’ll be starting from a more positive, clear-headed position. Finding what you enjoy in yourself and walking
ahead with it is the key to self-acceptance.

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