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Finding the right shampoo

There are n number of hair types with a million different issues and various types of scalps, so it is very crucial to understand what you use for your hair and with what ingredients you are treating them.

Let’s start with hair cleansers

People go around saying dry hair should not be cleansed using shampoos, you should use the shampoos developed for it and everything, but what actually is the root cause for this argument? What is the reason that upholds these arguments? Let’s understand which shampoo is suitable for which type of hair and what is the right one for you.

It’s not like all shampoos are suitable for your hair type. Whilst dry scalp can go days without washing their hair, oily strands and scalp may demand more regular cleansing. Shampoos contain chemicals that clean and nourish the hair. The quantity of each ingredient varies depending on the type of hair. Let us look at how your hair type may influence your shampoo.

For Fine Hair

To treat your fine hair, try avoiding the use of conditioning shampoos. The conditioning ingredients may weigh down your hair. An ideal shampoo for your hair type would be a shampoo with more cleansing agents.

For Coarse hair

Shampoos with harsh cleaning ingredients are a big no-no for your thick and coarse hair. Harsh ingredients like SLS swell up your cuticles, making the hair dry and frizzy. A conditioning shampoo would do your hair better than any other shampoo. The ingredients present in the conditioning shampoo will nourish your hair and keep them smooth and soft.

For Oily hair

Oil hair is the cause of a greasy scalp, this excess oil causes hair build-up. A greasy scalp produces excess oil, causing build-up. Shampoos with surface-active agents and absorbent ingredients like clay prevent excessive oil and sebum deposition.

Different shampoos for your hair types


Just your regular shampoo

This is your everyday shampoo, best suited for people who don’t have special hair care needs. A mild shampoo with a low percentage of cleansing agents. Regular shampoos are suitable for all types of hair. Beauty Garage’s Moisturizing Daily Shampoo can be classified as a regular shampoo. It protects your hair by adding moisture and a long-lasting shine.

Cleanse & Clarifying shampoo

Various hair care & styling treatments causes a build-up in your hair, A cleansing/clarifying shampoo contains a high percentage of SLS that helps to get rid of product build-up. This shampoo is best for greasy & oily scalps and for those who use styling products more often. But do keep in mind to use this once or twice a week to avoid drying of hair. It will damage your hair and could lead to scalp imbalance.

Such an example of fine clarifying shampoo is Beauty Garage’s Keratin-rich clarifying shampoo. It is free of SLS as it damages your hair but with other ingredients and keratin-rich formula, it helps you get rid of excess buildup in your hair.

Always use a conditioner after treating your hair with clarifying shampoo.

Protein-rich shampoo

A very essential protein for maintaining the structure of hair and preventing hair damage is Keratin. Hair without keratin is prone to breakage and is rough & extremely fragile. Protein shampoo is rich in hair proteins that boosts hair strength and keep your hair healthy a shine. For a better alternative amongst all the protein-rich shampoos, Beauty Garage’s Keratin Smooth Daily Shampoo is rich in proteins like Keratin that will result in smoothening and shining of hair while keeping them healthy.

Volume Shampoo

For fine hair, volume shampoos are the best. These are developed into a lightweight formula that does not weigh down your hair, It gives your hair a lift to feel more bouncy and full.

For colored hair

What do color-safe shampoos do? It doesn’t let your hair color fade away. It moisturizes, hydrates, nourishes, and protects your hair. Color-safe shampoos are suitable for all colored hair types. To make it easier for you, Beauty Garage’s each and every shampoo formula is developed to treat color safely, so you can use any of Beauty Garage’s Shampoos to cleanse your colored hair.

Nourish & Moisturizing shampoo

Frizzy and dry hair demands extra attention, A deeply nourishing and moisturizing shampoo is apt for dry & frizz riddled hair. Moisturizing ingredients in these shampoos prevent your hair from dehydrating while protecting them from heat.

Beauty Garage’s Argan oil moisture shampoo provides intensive moisturization while hydrating and restoring moisture levels and providing instant nourishment to damaged hair.

Dandruff-free shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoos contain ingredients that treat dandruff-ridden scalps and deep condition them. It treats your hair to make it healthy and prevent hair fall.

To treat your dandruff-riddled hair, Beauty Garage’s tea tree shampoo is developed to treat dandruff while smoothening soothing, and moisturizing your hair and resulting in a non-itching healthy scalp.

Now comes the interesting part

Choosing the right shampoo for a specific hair type:

Picking the right shampoo with the right ingredients is the best way to cleanse your hair

If you have oily hair

  • If you have fine oily hair, use volume shampoos,
  • Try and avoid moisturizing shampoos
  • We would suggest using a clarifying shampoo once a week to treat your oily hair


If you have dry hair

  • Use moisturizing shampoo use shampoos that contain moisturizing ingredients.
  • Avoid shampoos with high sulfate and alcohol content.

If you have natural hair

Use combinations of shampoos and see to it which shampoo suits your hair and address all your hair care needs.

Hair care starts with cleansing your hair so, look for what your hair type is and then move ahead with choosing the right shampoo to cleanse your hair. Beauty Garage provides you with a range of shampoo collections, each and every shampoo for a specific hair type. Switch to the right shampoo and treat your hair better with Beauty Garage.

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