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A good haircare routine is the key

We are all in this together, and if you’ve just discovered how damaged your hair is, how much hair loss you see every day, how hairs feel frizzy these days then you have ended up with the right people at the right place. Once you realized all these problems, you run around finding a solution that throws your worries away, and we have your hair care solution right here.

With a few simple steps of hair routine you can achieve wonders with your hair. It really is one of the most important things that you will need to learn about as you start out on your journey of hair care. 

What exactly is a hair care routine?

A routine is just a program that you follow in order to best care for your natural hair.

If you are just discovering that your hair needs care and attention, chances are you didn’t have or require a routine before. When it comes to natural hair, you really must have one. Your routine will include how frequently you want to moisturize, wash, and possibly restyle your hair.

As you learn more about what your hair likes and dislikes, your hair care routine will evolve. It’s critical to understand that there is no magic routine that will guarantee you flawless hair. Your routine will be primarily determined by the guidance you receive throughout your journey.

Why is a hair care routine important?

Having a strict routine in place from the start can assist you in learning how to care for your hair. It is always essential to form good habits early on in life that will serve you well throughout. A lot of the time, following a healthy routine  will assist you to outperform in terms of hair health.


5 Things you should implement for a healthy hair care routine:

Keep a good eye on moisture 

Moisture is the foundation of any hair care routine because natural hair is typically dry, you must do everything possible to preserve moisture in your hair. The shape of each curly strand, curly or kinky hair is dry, that too in a spiral, which makes moisturizing more difficult.

When you wet straight hair, the water flows straight down the hair shaft, but because of the spiral shape of curly hair, when you pour water on it, parts of the hair strand are overlooked. As a result, you should moisturize it more and strive to preserve the moisture.

Hair grease is not the same as moisture. It may look effective for relaxed hair, but it is ineffective for building a good hair care routine. A lot of hair grease contains substances that are harmful to your hair. If you’re just starting off, our first piece of advice is to avoid using hair grease for hair care.

A concept of wash day

We’re sure you have a moment when you wash your hair, whether you have relaxed, texturized, or natural hair. We all need to wash our hair on occasion.

When it comes to natural hair, it is advisable to wash it once a week or at least every two weeks. You can go longer if you like, but your hair will most certainly get very dry and brittle as a result. You can spray your hair with water from a spray bottle, but there will come a point when you must go all-in and give your hair a thorough wash.

Hairstyle and hair care routine go hand in hand

It’s important that you maintain your haircuts low-maintenance. You may wonder why but when you wear low-maintenance hairstyles, you are less likely to experience breakage and split ends.

You must train yourself to be very delicate with your hair. Although natural hair appears to be strong, it is not. If you want it to stay healthy and grow, you must treat it with love and care.

The idea is that no matter what hairstyle you choose, you shouldn’t have to put in a lot of work to redo it every day, and you shouldn’t have to tug a lot to get it great.

Include detangling in your routine

Make it a regular practice to detangle your hair. Finger detangling is the best method, but it does require some practice. If you can’t detangle your hair with your fingers, use a wide-tooth comb and comb from the ends up towards the root. Avoid combs with close-fitting teeth, as these are more likely to cause hair breakage. 

Finger detangling because it is much gentler on your hair.

Curly hair strands are more inclined to twist around each other, don’t be shocked if you notice a lot of tangles. Make it a practice to detangle frequently. Hairstyles that stretch your hair, such as twist outs and braids, can help you overcome this.

Protein is important!

Depending on your hair type, you may need to add protein treatments to your routine, feeling your hair and identifying the symptoms can help you determine how frequently you should do this.

It may appear confusing right now, but all of this will become obvious in time. Slowly, you will adapt to taking care of your hair and identifying what exactly your hair needs.

A general recommendation for your hair care routine could look something like this:


Spritz your hair. It does not have to be every day; once every three days may be sufficient.


As needed, A thorough wash and deep condition. 

Incorporating detangling into this is an excellent idea. Detangling in the shower may be easier with conditioner on your hair. We would recommend switching to Beauty Garage’s range of hair care products. Our shampoo helps in cleansing the hair thoroughly with an effective conditioner.

Every few months

You could add a few hair care treatments to your hair care routine. Beauty Garage has a range of treatments available for you to choose from. Take some time to examine your strands and determine what your hair needs.

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