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5 Habits That Cause Hair Damage

We all have committed to different hair care products, various remedies, and every trick that can or may cause hair damage. All of us have at least committed some of these mistakes that could lead to hair damage.

Grooming your hair can be a very settling feeling for you. You might style your hair in fun and exciting ways using various hair care products and styling tools. Who doesn’t like to try out new hairstyles, right? Haircare makeovers are exciting and all until you face repercussions.

Exploring different can be very fun, but all these tricks will eventually lead your hair to be
damaged. So many things, so many makeovers, but in actuality, we dedicate very little of that time to
keeping our hair healthy

Mentioned below are a few common mistakes we probably make without being aware of
Treat your hair better, get rid of these practices.

1. Wrong combs and brushes
What do we do when we want to buy a hairbrush or a comb? You just get the first one that comes across your eyes, right? But there are many things to consider while buying a hairbrush or comb. You should take hair texture and type into serious consideration. We suggest you use a wide-toothed comb for detangling your hair or a flat paddle brush and detangle your hair ends first before you comb from the roots to the end. This is the right and the only way to brush your hair. And if you blow dry your hair, use a round vented brush. The right hair care tools can prevent your hair from hair breakage and damage.

2. You condition your roots and not the ends
When washing your hair, you should shampoo from the roots to the tips to remove dirt buildup on your scalp. When using conditioner, though, you should only apply it from mid-length up to the tips. The point of using conditioner is to moisturize your hair strands to keep it from becoming dull and dry. Conditioning your roots may cause your scalp to become oilier than usual, and this may lead to skin problems, so best avoid going too far up when giving your tresses a treat.

3. Using heating tools to style and dry your hair
We totally agree that heating tools help you in styling your hair in a great way, but when you use your tools at high heat, you are burning your strands and causing damage to your hair follicles. If you use heating tools in practice every day, you might observe that your hairs look fried and feel a little drier. So, a better way to style your hair with heating tools is dry your hair, even if you are in a hurry, dry your hair before using any heating tools. Keep in mind that too much heat is bad for your hair and use heating tools a medium heat setting.

4. DIY hair bleaching
Bleaching your hair too often is also a cause of hair damage. Color may sound fun and a way of expressing yourself, but dyeing your hair can damage them, especially when you go for lighter shades that require hair bleach. Hair bleach draws out melanin from your hair, making your hair prone to damage.

5. using the wrong hair care products
Every hair care product in the market is not good for your hair. Hair care products are curated specifically for different purposes, you should first identify your hair type and then analyze which hair care products are suitable for your hair. It may take a while, but with the right hair care products, your hair would blossom. Find the right products, create a hair care regime and stick to it. Keep your hair care a priority and keep them healthy and damage-free.
While we are on the subject of finding the right hair care products, you should go through our products. Beauty Garage develops innovative hair care products using zero toxins and ingredients that harm your hair and strives towards formulating the right hair care products for you.

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